Galaxy Topsy Turvy Umbrella

The Galaxy Topsy Turvy Umbrella is a captivating companion of stellar beauty.

You can’t help but smile when you look up and see what you are standing under. Topsy Turvy umbrellas are bringing a revolution to rain protection. As opposed to standard umbrellas which open outward from the bottom, Topsy Turvy umbrellas open outward from the top. This inverse opening design makes it easier to open and close the umbrella when you are in tight places like when entering a car. In addition, the design encloses the wet side inside the closed umbrella, preventing you, your car, and everything else around from getting spattered with leftover rain. Beyond the advanced technology, Topsy Turvy umbrellas have beautiful prints on the inside of the canopy, like having your own personal bit of sunshine on a rainy day. Add in a C-shaped handle for hands-free carrying and double layer construction for flip resistance, and you have the greatest umbrella ever made.

The Galaxy Topsy Turvy Umbrella provides a natural barrier between you and the chilling rain.